Should you decide that you want to do the tosses, you can choose from the
following options:

Candy Toss - This is great if you have a lot of children at your reception.
Sometimes brides and grooms choose age restrictions on the tosses
One ideas is to separate the ages by tossing candy to the kids
and doing the bouquet / garter tosses for the adults

Traditional Way - We first call all the single ladies onto the dance floor for the
bouquet toss.  We follow with the groom removing the garter and
then he will be asked toss the garter to all the single gentlemen.

Train Line - Instead of having us call out the single ladies and gentlemen,
we play the train song and send the bride and groom out into the audience
to escort all the eligible guests to the dance floor for the tosses.

Bouquet Toss Ideas
Can throw garter and bouquet at the same time.
To get the single women to come forward the DJ can try saying "All married women, please raise
your hand. All women with hands down, please come out onto the dance floor."

  • Can get the single women in a circle around the bride, blindfold the bride and spin her
    around before tossing the bouquet.

  • Can put money (like $10 or $20 each) into garter and bouquet before throwing to entice
    people to come out for it.

  • Victorian tradition: having all the guests assemble for the toss. The bride or MC can preface
    the event by saying that in Victorian tradition, all the guests assembled for the throwing of
    the bouquet, and that they wished all of their loved ones to gather at the stairs/on the dance
    floor, etc. As the tradition goes, luck will come to the guest who catches the bouquet.
Toward the end of the evening, bride can make a short speech and present the bouquet to her

  • Invite all the married women onto the dance floor. Now start eliminating them by asking "all
    those women married one year or less, please be seated" and working your way through
    until there only one woman left (besides the bride) on the floor. Find out how long she is
    married and then give her the bouquet.

  • A bride wrote in I watched a documentary on television about
    Finnish wedding customs and in one wedding all of the available women formed a circle
    around the bride (who was blindfolded). The bride spun in one direction (slowly) and the
    women walked (holding hands) in the opposite direction. At some point everyone stops and
    the bride hands the bouquet to the person who is facing her. I suppose it would work better
    for smaller groups of people. The whole idea seemed more calm to me than the traditional
    "women fight for the bouquet" sort of thing I’ve been subjected to.

Bouquet Toss
(all single ladies come out onto the dance
Song Suggestions:
After Tonight   Justin Nozuka
American Woman   Lenny Kravitz
Another One Bites The Dust   Queen
Baby Got Back(I Like Big Butts)   Sir Mixalot
Bad Boys   Inner Circle
Bad To The Bone   George Thorogood
Brick House   The Commodores
Can't Hold Us   Christina Aguilera
Candyman   Christina Aguilera
Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend   Marilyn Monroe
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy   Rod Stewart
Eye of the Tiger   Survivor
Fat Bottom Girls   Queen
Fever   Peggy Lee
Four Seasons of Loneliness   Boyz II Men
Friends in Low Places   Garth Brooks
Girl Fight   Brooke Valentine
“Girls Night Out” (The Judds)
Girls Girls Girls   Motley Crue
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun   Cyndi Lauper
Hey Ladies   Beastie Boys
Hit me with your best shot   Pat Benatar
I Feel Like A Woman   Shania Twain
I Wanna Be Your Lover   Prince
I'm Too Sexy   Right Said Fred
Independent Woman   Destiny's Child
It Takes Two Baby   Marvin Gaye & Kim Weston  
It's Raining Men   Weather Girls
Just A Girl   No Doubt
Keep Breathing   Ingrid Michaelson
Ladies Night   Kool & The Gang
Lady Marmalade   Christina Aguilera
Legs   ZZ Top
Love Addict   Family Force Five
Macho Man   Village People
Man, I Feel Like A Woman   Shania Twain
No One   Alicia Keys
One Way Or Another   Blondie
Pina Colada   Jimmy Buffet
Pretty Woman   Roy Orbinson
Sharp Dressed Man   ZZ-Top
She's A Lady   Tom Jones
Short Skirt / Long Jacket   Cake
Single White Female   Chely Wright
Talk Dirty To Me   Poison
This One's For the Girls   Martina McBride
Until The End Of Time   Justin Timberlake & Beyonce
Whatta Man   Salt N Peppa
Who Let the Dogs Out   Baha Men
Wild Thing   Tone Loc
Wishin' and Hopin'   Dustin Springfield
Yakety Sax   The Benny Hill Theme
You Can Leave Your Hat on   Joe Cocker
You Sexy Thing   Hot Chocolate
Music By Lauren
Bouquet Tosses
Music By Lauren
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