Music By Lauren
The Garter

Along with the Bouquet Toss, this is the light-hearted time
of the evening. Choose a great song to show that humor!

You Can blindfold the groom while taking off the garter, and guy who caught it while
putting it on. Can also suggest using their teeth
After blindfolding the groom, can have the bride and all the bridesmaids put their legs out.
The groom then has to pick his bride's leg from the group.
After blindfolding the garter catcher, can substitute an older woman (maybe one of the
grandmothers) for the bouquet catcher-oblivious to the substitution, the garter catcher
puts the garter on Grandma's leg.
Can get guys to gather around the groom and sing "You've Lost that Loving Feeling"
before the groom tosses the garter. Can also get single guys in a circle around the
groom, blindfold groom and spin him around before tossing the garter.

Remote Control Game
This is usually played after the Garter and Bouquet toss, the Bride and Groom sit back to
back in chairs. The DJ should have 2-18" wooden dowels and 2 wrapped rolls of toilet
paper. He should call the Best Man to assist the Groom and the Maid/Matron of Honor to
assist the Bride. The DJ should unwrap the 2 rolls and place on the rods in front of the
audience. The assistants hold the dowels while the Bride and Groom compete for control
of the TV Remote Control for the first six months of marriage by seeing who unravels the
roll first. Audience applause determines the winner in the event of a tie.

Mystery Chair
Pulling lots of other stuff out before the garter
There is a mystery box hidden underneath the chair that
the bride is sitting   on containing all kinds of humorous things. When it is
time for the groom to retrieve the garter he goes for the garter but
instead he digs inside the hidden box and finds all kinds of funny things.
Finally after finding all kinds of things he eventually finds the garter.
You must pre-plan this gag with with your Entertainer to see if he can do this. The groom
must be told in advance what to pull out when (also arrange stuff in the box to make this
easier for the groom). Put a box with the stuff under the chair that the bride will be sitting
on. Have part of the front of the box cut away to make it easy for the groom to get at the
stuff inside. Drape a white tablecloth over the chair that the box is hidden from view.
The DJ should tell the groom "Only remove the garter; don't take off the entire garter
belt." Then cue up music such as "Mission Impossible". The groom should start by start
by pulling out a pair of panties (MC can respond by saying something like "NOT THAT" or
"The garter, just the garter!"). Continue with pulling out other things. MC should pump
this (with banter) for all its worth. Here is a sample list of items with sample MC responses:
? Fake/toy hand ("I guess he needs a hand")
? Inflatable saxophone ("You saxy thing, you")
? Phone book / yellow pages ("Let his fingers do the walking")
? Face mask and snorkel tube ("Divers do it deeper")
? Frisbee ("I guess he likes to play around once in a while")
? Inflatable guitar ("I guess he's musically yours")
? Baby doll ("got married just in time")
? The garter is the LAST thing out (of course).

Black Garter Ceremony.
Some brides are choosing not to do the typical bouquet and garter toss since they have
few single friends or they do not wish to embarrass anyone. If this is the case then a
Black Garter ceremony may well solve this problem. But, everything must be prearranged
your DJ. The groom is invited to the dance floor and then the DJ invites the married men
to the dance floor. The groom then tosses the garter to one of the group of married men.
The catcher then is advised that he can place the garter on his wife, in privacy at home.
The bride then invites a special friend from the audience to the dance floor and gives her
the bouquet. At this point, the bride and groom can start off the dancing to a special love

Miner’s Light
For groom to take garter off leg of bride. All you have to do is lift up the dress, go up the
leg, find the souvenir, and bring it out.” As the groom starts, the DJ should stop him and
say something like “under a full length dress it gets very dark. I have something here to
help you out.” The DJ should then Strap a light on groom’s head (something like a miner’
s light). This works best when bride is wearing a very long white wedding dress. The light
makes the dress glow, and the guests can see the light travelling up the dress (but
nothing else).
Bouquet & Garter catchers bow to each other
I had a garter toss done at my wedding, for a number of reasons. The garter was worn
tastefully just below my knee, and the garter catcher made a courtly bow to the bouquet
catcher—no mauling or anything else inappropriate. From: newsgroup

Man wearing garter under kilt
Since my husband wore a kilt at our wedding, he decided to wear the garter. We called all
the single folks (male and female) up for the garter toss; the 2 of us went to get a chair
and positioned it in front of the guests. Then Jherek gracefully seated himself and
extended his leg for me to slide off the garter (which matched the kilt colors). We both
tossed it to the crowd amidst much laughter and hilarity. From newsgroup

Balloon drop with garter
Decorators take a big balloon and fill the inside with several little balloons. Inside one of
these smaller balloons is hidden the garter. The groom takes a long pole with a pin on the
end of it. He bursts the big balloon which is hung over the dance floor (it therefore
doubles as a very nice decoration). Once the big balloon is burst, all of the smaller
balloons fall, invading the dance floor. The bachelors have to burst the small balloons in
order to find the one with the garter.
The same can be done for the bouquet except instead of having the bouquet in one of the
balloons, you have a trinket that represents a bouquet. The lucky bachelorette
exchanges this trinket with the bride for her bouquet. From newsgroups

Generations Dance
The Bride and Groom are called up to the dance floor, and all the married couples are
called up to join them for a slow dance or waltz. At the end of the slow song/waltz, all
couples are asked to remain on the dance floor UNLESS they've been married less than
10 years. The couples married less than 10 years (obviously including the bride and
groom) are asked to "take a break" from the next song. Make sure the bride and groom
stay close as they will be needed at the end of the song. About 30 seconds (or so) into
the 2nd song, couples married less than 15 years are asked to "take a break" from the
dance floor. Continue at 30 second intervals with 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, etc. until
one couple (or a few couples if there is a tie) are left on the dance floor having been the
couple(s) married the longest.
Upon the ending of the 2nd song, the MC asks the couple(s) to introduce themselves
(while getting everyone to give resounding applause to their married achievement). Then
the couple is asked if they can offer the bride and groom any "advice to help them make
their marriage as strong as their own." After the couple gives their response (hopefully
witty), a 3rd song is introduced as a dedication to the couple(s) married the longest and
the bride and groom are invited back to the dance floor to join them. The 3rd song should
be a upbeat/fast pace song to heighten the moment and create a little surprise (i.e. "old
time Rock and Roll") ... and then everyone is invited back to the dance floor to continue
the celebration!

Groom tosses his “little black book” to his single guy friends since he “won’t be needing
it any more!”

Groom Removes Garter From Bride
Song Suggestions:
Start Off with “Oh Yeah” (by Yello), then go into one of these:
12 Play   R. Kelly
American Woman   Lenny Kravitz
Animals   Nickelback
Another One Bites The Dust   Queen
Baby Got Back(I Like Big Butts)   Sir Mixalot
Bad Boys   Inner Circle
Bad To The Bone   George Thorogood
Boombastic   Shaggy  
Brick House   The Commodores
Can't Hold Us   Christina Aguilera
Diamonds are Girl's Best Friend   Marilyn Monroe
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy   Rod Stewart
Eat It   Weird Al Yankovic
Feelin' Good   Michael Buble'
Fever   Peggy Lee
Four Seasons of Loneliness   Boyz II Men
“Foxy Lady” (Jimi Hendrix),
Freak Me   Silk
“Gimme All Your Lovin” (ZZ Top)
Girls Girls Girls   Motley Crue
Girls Just Wanna Have Fun   Cyndi Lauper
Here's to Finding a Good Man   Danielle Peck
Hey Baby   No Doubt
Hey Ladies   Beastie Boys
“Hungry Eyes” (Eric Carmen)
I Believe in a Thing Called Love   The Darkness
I Feel Like A Woman   Shania Twain
I Like It, I Love It   Tim McGraw
I Wanna Be Your Lover   Prince
“I Wanna Sex You Up” (Color Me Bad) -
“I was Made For Loving You“ (Kiss)
I'll Melt With You   Nouvelle Vague
I'm Too Sexy   Right Said Fred
Indiana Jones Theme Song   Indiana Jones Soundtrack
It's Raining Men   Weather Girls
Its Raining Men   Weather Girls
Just A Girl   No Doubt
Keep Breathing   Ingrid Michaelson
Ladies Night   Kool & The Gang
Lady Marmalade   Christina Aguilera
Legs   ZZ Top
Lets Get It On   Marven Gaye
Love Addict   Family Force Five
Low   Flo-Rida feat. T-Pain
Macho Man   Village People
Song Title Artist
Man, I Feel Like A Woman   Shania Twain
Mission Impossible   PFO
Mustang Sally   Wilson Pickett
No One   Alicia Keys
Oh Yeah   Yello
On Bended Knee   Boyz II Men
One Way Or Another   Blondie
Pina Colada   Jimmy Buffet
Pretty Woman   Roy Orbinson
Put You To Bed   J Holiday
Sharp Dressed Man   ZZ-Top
She's A Lady   Tom Jones
Shook Me All Night Long   AC/DC
Short Skirt / Long Jacket   Cake
Single White Female   Chely Wright
Slow Dance   R. Kelly
Slow Jam   Usher and Monica
So High   John Legend
Sold   John Michael Montgomery
Striptease   Hawksley Workman
“Sweet Cherry Pie” (Whitesnake) -
Talk Dirty To Me   Poison
The Stripper Song   David Rose
Theme From Jaws
These Arms Of Mine   Otis Redding
This One's For the Girls   Martina McBride
Thong Song   Sisqo
“U Can’t touch this” (MC Hammer), -
Whatta Man   Salt N Peppa
Who Let the Dogs Out   Baha Men
Wild Thing   Tone Loc
Wishin' and Hopin'   Dustin Springfield
Yakety Sax   The Benny Hill Theme
You Can Leave Your Hat on   Joe Cocker
You Sexy Thing   Hot Chocolate

Blind Fold Skit
The gentleman who caught the garter is blind folded and
then spun around. While he is being spun around, we replace the lady who
caught the bouquet the chair with another gentleman. Makes for a great laugh. Once we
finish the blind fold skit we follow up with the traditional way of placing the garter on the
lady's leg.

Reverse - We switch things around by having the lady put the garter on
the gentlemen.

Garter Toss
(all single men come out onto the dance floor)
Song Suggestions:
“The Boys Are Back in Town” (Bad Company)
“Men In Black” (Will Smith),
“I’m Too Sexy” ( Right Said Fred),
“Who Let the Dogs Out” (Baha Men)
“Bust a Move” (YoungMC)
“Bad Boys” (Inner Circle)
“Curly Shuffle” Jumpn’ the Saddle
“Macho Man” Village People
"Wild Thing" Tone Loc
Sharped Dressed Man - ZZ Top

Garter Placement
(catcher puts garter on bouquet catcher)
Song Suggestions:
“Don’t Feel My Leg”  - (Play the old switch-a-roony - While    
replace a girl with a hairy legged guy and Go Into)
“Dude looks like a lady” (FUNNY!)
“Danger Zone” (Kenny Loggins)
“Just A Giggolo” ( David Lee Roth) or (Louis Prima)
“Leggs” ( ZZ Top)
“Do Ya think I’m Sexy”(Rod Stewart)
“Naughty Naughty” (Jon Parr)
“U Can’t Touch This” (MC Hammer)
“You Sexy Thing Hot Chocolate
Hot In Here - Nelly
You Shook Me All Night Long - AC/DC
Let's Get It On - Marvin Gaye
Some Guys Have All The Luck - Rod Stewart
“Theme from Mission Impossible Chemical Group

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