Music By Lauren DJ 'Plus' Services
   Provides many Games, activities, dances and skits at your event
however you may wish to add some other interactive games or skits to your celebration.

               Kissing Games During Dinner
To really set the tone for a fun evening you may wish to add one of our fun
                kissing games during your dinner festivities.
We will emcee any activity and explain to your guests how the game works.
                Below are some choices of games we offer:

  • Names In A Basket For A Kiss
           (Our most popular game)
    Prior to the reception we ask the bride and groom to write down several couples
    names (parents, close relatives, etc.) on separate pieces of paper and then place the
    slips of paper in a basket at the head table prior to the dinner segment of the
    reception. During the dinner hour when the guests clink their glasses we will ask the
    bride and groom to kiss. Once they have kissed we will then ask the B&G to pull out
    one slip of paper from the basket located at the head table and read the name that
    appears on the paper out loud. The name of the couple who appears on the piece of
    paper must then kiss (kind of like sweet revenge). Makes for a great game as your
    guests never know if they will be the next couple asked to kiss.

  • Sing A Song For A Kiss - Instead of clinking the glasses, guests are asked to stand
    and sing a chorus line of a song with the word "love" in it. One guest or several may
    stand to sing. Once they have sung a chorus line with the word love in it the bride and
    groom must acknowledge with a kiss.

We also offer some other personal touches to the dinner hour festivities.  
                                  Again we would emcee these.

This is a great spirited game for those who are using a buffet for serving dinner.
Have guests who sing a chorus line of a theme song go to the buffet line first.
Those who don’t sing still go to the buffet but only after all who have sung a song

  • TABLE TRIVIA  (Great for the cocktail / dinner hour)
During cocktail / dinner hour Music By Lauren DJ  "Plus"Services can provide a
list of trivia questions and will place one sheet with all the trivia questions on
each table. Trivia questions can be about the theme of your party (such as a         
holiday or birthday person etc.) or they can be general questions.
      To have each table answer as many questions as they can while they are  
      socializing / eating.  When the contest concludes (Usually right after dinner)
      we will have tables trade  the answer sheets to another table for scoring.          
      Everyone at the winning table could get a small prize or centerpieces.

If you have prizes or centerpieces to giveaway, Music By Lauren DJ 'Plus' Services
has 3 fun and unique ways of giving away centerpieces or door prizes.
  * Pass the dollar bill centerpiece giveaways
  * 52 Card Centerpiece / Prize Giveaway
  * Table trivia (see holiday table trivia above)

Object – Each guest receives 1 golden star as they arrive at the party. Music By
Lauren DJ 'Plus' Services will make an announcement that everyone is to
participate and have each person try to obtain as many golden stars as possible
throughout the party. To obtain stars guests are reminded that there will be a
list of words you can not use throughout the evening. If you do use one of the
words then you must surrender one of the stars to the person who catches you.
There are also many other ways Music By Lauren DJ 'Plus' Services will
reward guests with stars. At the end of the event the person who has collected
the most stars is the winner.

  • WEDDING SHOE GAMES  New for 2008
(Let's Get To Know The Bride & Groom)  
This is a short comical game played during the dinner hour where  
Music By Lauren DJ "Plus" Services asks the bride and groom a
series of questions about each other. The object is to see how well
the B&G know each other. Questions examples: Who is the better driver?         
Who does the most cleaning? Etc.

You may choose to have pieces of paper and pencils at each of the guests table.
Music By Lauren DJ 'Plus' Services will ask each guest to write down some
special words of wisdom for the B&G. We then can select a person to read some of
these “words of wisdom” to everyone. During the dinner hour.

Maybe one of your family members or friends is celebrating a birthday on your
special day. We can pay tribute to the lucky person by having your guests sing happy
birthday to them.

You may have someone wanting to give a speech or special message.
We will be glad to provide a wireless microphone to anyone you wish.
If there is any other special events or activities you may want to have conducted
during your dinner festivities, we will be glad to help put them together and emcee     
them for you
Click Here for Speech Making Tips!

We offer several variations to the first fast dance to get your guests up and dancing.
                                         Dances include:

We ask everyone to stand up and push in their chairs. Now there committed.
We pass out a variety of instruments  maracas, tambourines, hand clappers etc.
And the bride & groom lead the conga line around the room to the dance floor!
Dancing begins!

You can start of the first fast dance off with this fun "floor packer" idea.
Now it is time to "Get This Party Started". One way to start the party is that we
would ask all the/ bridal party members along with the bride and groom to
remain on the dance floor after the first dance introduction slow set.
Music By Lauren DJ 'Plus' Services will  begin with a fast song (usually Celebration
by Kool & The Gang) and ask the bridal party to start the fast dance.
After a few secondspass, we then stop the music and say "Multiply".
Anyone on the dance floor (bride, groom and the bridal party) must  go out into the    
audience and pick a new partner to dance with. It doesn't matter who  they choose as
a new partner as it could be their brother, sister, aunt etc.        
Once the original dance members arrive back onto the dance floor with their new     
partners we will continue the song. After several more seconds go by, we again pause
the song and say "Multiply". Again anyone who is on the dance floor must go back
out into the audience and find a new partner to dance with. This is repeated a couple
times so everyone who wants to dance can be asked to be joined on the dance floor.  
This is a great way to get your guests up and dancing.

Object - To have teams compete against each other guessing short takes of various
songs. Music By Lauren DJ 'Plus' Services will play a sample of a song.
The team must guess the name of the song.
After 5 rounds the team who correctly guesses the most songs will be the winner
 A "police officer" handcuffs the bride and groom and takes them away.
 The guests have to raise "bail money" before the couple can be set free.  
 Have the guys drape the clothing items on the bride, and stay up there for a picture

Object – To assemble as many teams as possible. Each team picks out a piece of         
paper out of the lucky rabbits hat which is provided. Each piece of paper will
have a theme / category on it. The object is to go find items in the room that
best describe the theme / category in which they have picked. Items can come  
from either the room or guests who are attending the celebration and are not
on any of the teams. Teams are asked to "show and tell" their top 7 items for
audience judging. The team that best represents their category is the winner.

Object - First we gather as many teams as possible but each team
must have exactly 7 members (that’s how we got the name lucky 7's)
Each team is provided with 7 pieces of paper. On each piece of paper there
is a number on it (for example the first piece has the number 1 on it. The
second has the number 2 on it etc.) The object is that a series of scrambled
numbers will be read out load. The team must get in the order of the
number that was announced. For example when the number "7-6-5-4-3-2-1
is announced, teams must then line up in that order with each person
holding the proper number. The first team that gets in order of the
number which was read out load is the winner. Several rounds are
conducted and each round has a different series of scrambled numbers.
The team who wins the most rounds is the grand champion, but beware as there
as many surprises and twists to this skit

Object - To find out who is the best dancers
We start out by telling everyone to find a partner and invite them out onto the
dance floor. Then while the song "The"Twist" by Chubby Checker is being
played we encourage all dancers to show us your version of "The Twist".     
During the song a couple of the best dancing groups will be invited to
the finals which is round two. Round two begins with just the finalists on the
dance floor. Once the song is over we ask the audience to be the judges by
giving rounds of applause to each group.
The group with the loudest applause is the winners

     We also offer a wide variety of dance contests such as:
                            *Cool moves contest
                               *Worst dancer contest
                     *Swing dancing contests
                        Much much more!

Object –Teams have to lip-sync and imitate being rock stars performing randomly
picked songs. Teams are provided with lyrics and a variety of inflatable
instruments to enhance their performances. A live microphone is also
available if desired for each team. Audience judges winners by applause of
their performance.

This game is great if you have lots of assorted prizes to give away. Contestants are
gathered through various ways and brought up to the stage to begin the game.
The game is played just like the old TV show "Lets Make A Deal".
Each person who qualifies to play is given a prize. The contestant is told the prize is
"average" in value. He / she may take the prize or take a chance and go for a
bigger prize. The contestant is show 3 additional envelops, each which may have a
different value of prize inside. Some prizes in the envelops are bigger in value while
others are of lesser value. The contestant has to decide "do I like the average prize or
do I want to go for the big prize. A second round is conducted for grand prize.

There are two versions of the hula hoop contests.
     1. The first game is to see who can hula hoop the longest
     2. The second version is a contest using hula hoops as a relay race.
     Teams are chosen and guests must do a relay race using the hula hoops

  • MUSICAL CHAIRS / SCAVENGER HUNT - All Time Best Game Award
This is a twist to the old game musical chairs. Guests have to go find designated  
items (Scavenger Hunt) and return to a limited number of chairs for each round
     Object - You have a number of contestants (who ever wants to
                  participate as there is no limit to contestants). Then you have as many chairs   
        as contestants for them to sit in on the dance floor.
        The contestants are then instructed that they will need to find an object and
        bring it back to their chair. They cannot provide the item themselves as they
        have to find it or be given to them from someone in the audience. Items are
        theme related to keep the spirit of the party. The contestants go on a search
        and find the item but when they get back several chairs have been removed.  
       Those who find one of the remaining chairs and sits in it continues on to the
        next round. Those who don’t are eliminated. Before the contestants can go
        after the next item, they must RETURN the previous item from whom or
        where they got it from. The game continues until we are left with one
        contestant and he / she is the winner.

Between all special events I play a variety of fun upbeat dance music for all ages
to keep the party going. I am also an interactive DJ and will get the guests        
motivated and involved. I am also careful not to take the spotlight off the bride
and groom but to only enhance the party.
CLICK HERE - To learn more about the music we provide

Below is a list of a couple extra games we offer:
      Toilet Paper Plunger Game - ADULT -
click here for example
      Pass The Orange & Squash Relay - ADULT- click here for example
      Family Traditions - You may have family traditions that we can                 
      incorporate to make your day a "family tradition"
      Or we can create a unique game tailored to your tastes

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